About ESADoggy

Why do business with ESADoggy?

According to various Federal laws, social workers, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and MDs are allowed to write an ESA letter.


Just because an individual is authorized to write a letter, doesn’t mean they’ll draft a letter that complies and comports with Federal Law. Most times, the letters we see from “out in the wild” are do not pass muster.

Writing an ESA letter takes knowledge and expertise that is often outside of a health care providers general knowledge. It’s a very specific document, not something one tosses together.

In today’s environment, thanks to the “peacock on the airplane,” housing providers are taking a much closer look at the contents of an ESA letter.

We have therapists across the US who have received our training … they’re up to speed on what it takes to write a “bullet-proof” ESA letter.

Ethics, ethos, and service dog fraud.

We’re huge on ethics and optics around here. We are continually asking ourselves … are we doing this correct, are we staying true to who we are — we want to do the right thing … true, that’s relative … but we’re continually asking and refining.

We also highly respect what therapists do… and the hard work it took to get where you are … and to protect our business, we protect our therapists… they’re out on the tip of the spear.

How are we different? That’s simple.


Within those pages, I hope you will come to learn we’re trying to rethink/redo the emotional support animal business.

The Chaz Stevens Way.

When I started this with Dr. Stacy, I realized very early on who I was serving, and when I reviewed the competition, I was aghast to discover rampant fraud, deception, and other ethically challenged agendas.

I made myself a pact … I will do it right, I will do it my way, or I won’t do it at all.

Don’t take that as me being holier than thou. Rest assured, I made/make lots of mistakes. But I make “honest” mistakes that I try to learn from.

To wit, when a wounded warrior shows up needing my help, there’s no way that I’d do anything but what is honorable to assist him/her.

Are your clinical staff members licensed mental health care professionals?

From coast to coast, we maintain a network of licensed mental health care professionals legally allowed to prescribe emotional support animals.

Please review our coverage map.

Are you legitimate?


ESADoggy adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards, including fair, truthful, and accurate advertising.

For more information about how we conduct ourselves, please visit:

Is there anything else I should be aware of before purchasing my ESA letter?

A quick search of the Internet reveals many options for ESA letters, and we highly recommend doing your homework before purchase. Only a licensed therapist can issue an ESA letter, so be sure to secure their credentials. Be forewarned; there are many illegitimate sites offering ESA letters.

Review our blacklist to see what’s what on the Internet.