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    Chaz started the topic Delta is banning pit bull service dogs. That might not be legal. in the forum In The News 11 months ago

    Amid growing scrutiny of animals in airplane cabins, several airlines have unveiled tightened policies aimed at limiting the number of untrained pets or unusual species on flights. The changes, they have said, are driven by safety considerations and intended to ensure that service or emotional-support animals are traveling only with passengers who…[Read more]

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    Chaz started the topic Service Dog Fraud in the forum About ESADoggy 11 months ago

    In many states, it now a crime to refer to your untrained family pet as a “service dog.” If you spent money on service dog registration and certification, demand a refund.

    When you consider a service dog, many people imagine a large breed dog assisting its visually-challenged hander.

    These highly trained animals perform a variety of valua…[Read more]